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Buy Barcelona Tickets
Barcelona is a synonym of fun during the day as well as at night. It is one of the cities most widely visited by tourists from all over the world.

It is situated facing the Mediterranean Sea, about 120 Km. south the chain mountain of the Pirineos and the French border. The population of Barcelona increases year by year due to the many tourists that arrive and decide to stay there.

Madrid-Barcelona is by far the primary option when a tourist first puts a step on the old continent, and to do this trip by train is not only cheaper but also more interesting and funnier than by plane.

It has a Mediterranean climate, hot in summer and rather cold in winter, this is why people choose it to go round, walk and enjoy.

Barcelona, as any city by the beach, characterizes for its relaxed atmosphere but also for its constant movement at anytime, anywhere. To know and enjoy it you need at least 2 or 3 days, you have a wide range of activities to do during the day or when the sun sets.

There are 10 districts. You can enjoy from the mysticism of Gaudí’s buildings like The Sacred Family, the historical center of the Gothic neighborhood, the Picasso museum, or the “Monumental” bull ring to the futuristic Agbar Tower (considered in 2004 the best skyscraper in the world), the majesty of the modern Barcelona Trade Center Towers or the Olympic port.

Visit the sea-front La Rambla (Le Ramble) beginning at the Cataluña Square in the center of the city and finishing in the Old Port where a statue of Colón greets you inviting you to start another tour (the Maritime Museum is highly recommended to visit here).

Lately, Barcelona has turned into being a musical point of reference in Europe. So it is possible anytime you happen to pass by Barcelona to attend an international recital and without having any problem.

Train Barcelona

The Capital of Cataluña has a remarkable predominance in sports activities that is why you can enjoy first class world sports. The FC Barcelona is located here, it is without any doubt one of the best world football teams. The Camp Nou , which can host almost 100,000 spectators, is the biggest European stadium and it is really worth knowing it. If you can attend a football match there you can consider self satisfied. It is a unique experience.

There are many parks like the Park Güell designed by Gaudí or the Olympic Villa which will gradually absorb you into a magical atmosphere. Have your wallet at hand to go round the shopping area located among the streets of Portaferrisa , Pelayo, Rambla, Portal del Angel and Plaza Cataluña where the small shops stand side by side with the great shopping centers and franchises of well known firms of clothes. In the Paseo de Gracia you can also appreciate the good clothes of top international firms.

Top train tickets from/to Barcelona

Train Tickets
Barcelona – Milan. Travel time: 14.21 hours.
Barcelona – Valencia. Travel time: 3 hours.
Barcelona – Nice. Travel time: 9.48 hours.
Barcelona – Montpellier. Travel time: 4.27 to 6 hours depending on departure times.
Barcelona – Madrid. Travel time: 3 to 3.30 hours, depending on departure times.

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