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Buy Venice Tickets
It is very simple to get to Venice by train. The trenitalia railroad company covers the whole peninsula with more than 16,000 tracks, in and outside the country, thus communicating it with all the important European cities.

It is quite easy to get to the city of the canals by train from other important cities like Munich, Frankfurt or Paris.

The best point to start your tour is precisely your arrival point: the venice train station “Santa Lucia”. It is advisable to buy a map of Venice at the tourist information centre or at any tourist agency.

The first impression you get when you go out of the train station is unequalled. As soon as you get off the train Venice will appear with its splendor, with the Great Canal reflecting in the water the shadows of the palaces and houses that stand on both sides.

It is recommendable to have 2 or 3 free days to discover the marvels of the capital of the Veneto region.

Make sure you book a hotel in advance. Venice is a monument itself, it has not changed its appearance for more than 500 years. That is why the architecture of many of the hotels increases the romanticism you breathe when you walk around it.

Touring round the city is a transcendental experience. It was built on an archipielago of 119 little islands by the Adriatic Sea connected by about 400 bridges. Venice is famous in the world for its 150 canals which form a sort of network of streets where you can take the public transport to go from one place to another (vaporetto).

Train Venice

You cannot miss crossing the Grand Canal either by vaporetto, taxi or gondola when you are in Venice.

Awe yourself with the more than 200 palaces that constituted the Venetian aristocracy built on both sides of the “canalasso” (as the Venetians call the Grand Canal).

Visit the Rialto Bridge divided into three ramps, in each one you can see arts and crafts shops and souvenirs.

To dine in the candle light watching the gondolas pass by is an unforgettable experience.

Of course you cannot miss visiting the Plaza San Marcos which is considered the most beautiful square in the world because of the magnificent palaces that line up around it.

If you want to buy a souvenir you have to go to La Mercerié street and walk along it from the Plaza San Marco to the Rialto Bridge. Do not forget to buy a typical Venetian mask (is there anything more representative of Venice?) Buy cheese, wine and pasta in the city markets.

Go to the Isle of Murano to buy almost anything you can think of made with the worldwide famous Murano crystal, or buy a Burano to charge your credit card with any of the top quality laces made there.

Top train tickets from/to Venice

Venice Train TicketsRome – Venice. Travel time: 3 hours to 4 hours, depending on departure times.
Florence – Venice. Travel time: 1:51 to 4:52 hours, depending on departure times.
Venice- Milan. Travel time: 2:30 to 3 hours, depending on departure times.
Venice – Vienna. Travel time: 7 hours.
Paris- Venice. Travel time: 10:30 to 12:30 hours, depending on departure times.

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