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A good start in your Italian trip by train is to tour round the city of Rome. Warm and sunny, the birthplace of “la dolce vita” is an important start to travel along the Italian peninsula. If you go round Rome you can realize that its views have turned into those characteristic of a cosmopolitan European city.

The cultural heritage of the Italian capital city is endless. As Rome is the birthplace of Catholicism, millions of tourists visit the Vatican every year. But Rome is not only a synonym of religion: the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, the Pantheon or the Fountain of Trevi are just a few of the wonders this city offers both artistically and culturally.

To walk along the streets of Rome is an extraordinary tour itself. Visit the Fountain of Trevi where tradition tells you to make a wish that will become true if you stand backwards, throw a coin with your right hand and over your left shoulder.

Try visiting a typical Roman noisy market in the morning like the Campo dei Fiore and allow yourself the opportunity to have lunch at any of the various restaurants that surround it. Then go to Plaza Spagna (Spanish Square), go up its amazing 135 steps to get to the Iglesia de Santa Trinidad (Holy Trinity Church).

Train RomeFrom here go to Via Condotti to be able to admire the classic window shops of Gucci, Bulgari, Prada or Valentino.

Visit the Coliseum and walk along its dungeons and tunnels which are below the arena in the central square. Experiment what the gladiators felt when they shouted Ave Caesar, Morituti Te Salutant” (Ave Caesar, those who are going to die, greet you) offering their lives before beginning to entertain more than 50,000 Romans. ¡Do not worry, at the end of the tunnel you will find only souvenirs!

As any important city, the night life is almost as busy as the day life. Enjoy Rome having a peaceful walk along the cafes and restaurant areas or having an exciting time in the noisy, numerous discotheques.

Rome offers the tourist a countless number of places to visit and become part of its history. And not to miss any of these wonders the best option is to go by train, the means of transport millions of tourists use daily.

“Termini” is the most important train station in Rome and one of the most important in Europe. It is a connection point from the capital of Italy to the rest of the country and also to other countries.”Triburtina” station is situated in the east of Rome, between the neighborhoods of Pietralata y Nomentano, It is the second biggest in Rome. Even though most of the tourists arrive at Termini station (according to their hotel accommodation), it is also convenient to get to Triburtina station because you can make many connections from it.

Top train tickets from/to Rome

Rome Train TicketsRome – Venice. Travel time: 3 to 4 hours, depending on departure times.
Rome – Milan. Travel time: 3 to 3.30 hours, depending on departure times.
Rome- Naples. Travel time: 1 to 3 hours, depending on departure times.
Rome – Florence. Travel time: 1.30 to 3 hours, depending on departure times.

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