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This is a port city situated on the banks of the Elba River which, after running 100 km., flows into the North Sea. As this is a navigable river from Hamburg to the Sea even for big ships, Hamburg turned into a very important port centuries ago. The architecture of Hamburg reflects this condition. The urban project to modify the port neighborhood is the greatest in Europe and the warehouse city of Hamburg constitutes the largest complex of warehouses in the world.

Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome or Milan are some of the cities which offer services of European trains to go to Hamburg. Its central station, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, is the second with the greatest activity in Europe (after Paris) connecting it very easily with the rest of Europe and it has the characteristic German order.a/p>

As all the important cities in Europe, Hamburg is a never ending blend of history and culture with modernism and progress. Imposing and modern buildings which mostly belong to international top businesses emerge among Renaissance buildings of the XIX c.

There are more than 50 theatres and 60 museums and there are hundreds of international shows, concerts and exhibitions all the yearlong which are part of its cultural frame. Visit the internationally well known Hamburger Schauspielhaus, Thalia and Kampnagel theatres.

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The Miniature World Wunderland (4000m2 big), and the International Maritime Museum (10 floors high and more than 10000m2 big), are remarkably interesting. The Art Museum of Hamburg is about 20000m2 big, it is one of the biggest museums in Germany. Awe yourself with the paintings from the Gothic times up to now.

Try not to miss visiting the Panoptikum (the oldest and largest wax museum in Germany), the Museum of the coffee (where you can taste a variety of teas and coffees and see more than 3000 antiques), the Museum of Ethnology with its 350.000 pieces, the Museum of the Warehouse City, the Museum of HSV (located in the mythical football stadium Hamburg AOL Arena), the Submarine Museum (really overwhelming in the port of Baakenhafen), or the Botanical and Zoological Museum (with more than …90 thousand species!).

Hamburg is one of the greenest European cities. The centre of the city surrounds the artificial lakes of Binnenalster (inside Alster) and Aubenalster (outside Alster) whose origin was the Alster river but have been maintained as lakes. To walk along the three avenues that surround the inside Alster lake is worth doing, you can enjoy seeing elegant buildings of the XIX c. The view of the churches and buildings from the other side is also worth trying especially at night.

Its numerous parks are situated all over the city. If there is good weather visit the Stadtpark and the Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers). The Stadtpark (the central park of Hamburg), has large stretches of grass and an imposing waterfall tower, there is also one of the biggest European planetariums.

The gastronomy in Hamburg is mainly fish based which are from the Elba river) and has the characteristics of the Northern German food. Try the lobsters and crabs cooked in the oven, or the seasoned herring (with different side plates according to the time of the year). Enjoy yourself with the Labskaus (cow salted meat and cooked with little water together with beet roots, cucumber and onions) or the traditional stew with German sausages Steckrübeneintopf. Breakfast or tea time is a good excuse to try German pastry. The braune Kuchen (brown cakes) or the Pumpernickel (delicious pieces of bread with cinnamon and sugar)…the ideal excuse to have tea in front of the lake.

At nightfall, Hamburg turns histrionic as any European capital city. Hundreds of restaurants, clubs and discos pertain to night-time (they form the famous sinful mile… dare to visit it!).

Top train tickets from/to Hamburg

Train Tickets
Berlín–Hamburg. Travel time: 1:36 hours to 2 hours, depending on departure times.
Frankfurt–Hamburg. Travel time: 4 hours to 7 hours, depending on departure times.
Hamburg–Copenhagen.Travel time: 4:43 hours to 5:49 hours, depending on departure times.
Paris–Hamburg. Travel time: 8:21 hours to 9:13 hours, depending on departure times.
Amsterdam–Hamburg. Travel time:5:23 hours to 6:01 hours, depending on departure times.

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