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To go to Netherlands by train from European cities like Barcelona, London or Paris you can buy the Eurail Global Pass or the Eurail Select Pass. Interrail also offers a wide variety of prices and services.

Start your visit in Amsterdam and discover one of the greatest historical cities in Europe. This city shines with an architecture of the XVII c., its centre is crossed by channels and stony streets full of museums, squares and old buildings.

It is advisable to stay here for about 3 or 4 days to go round it during the day and at night. There is a wide offer of amsterdam hotels . You can choose a 5 star themed hotel or a cheaper one, which is also nice and comfortable.

This city is the realm of bicycles and trams which makes it quite picturesque and invites you to go through it to absorb its personality.

It is undeniable cosmopolitan and its inhabitants are worldly known as being “liberal”. The red district and the coffee shops are mixed with the greatest and unruly gay community.

If you go SW you get to the dynamic and futuristic Rotterdam, it is the entrance door of Europe through its port which is just 30 km from the North Sea .This city, unlike Amsterdam, appears to have been a computer-aided design project: everything has a different, audacious and modern architectural design. The night in Rotterdam is also very special: your eyes are marveled by the magic of the drawings made by the millions of lights that shine up in the skyscrapers.


This magic city is not only history and culture. Go to the Arganzuela neighborhood where the worldwide famous football stadium of the Atlético of Madrid team is, it has an area for 50,000 people.

Then go to the North to the Chamartin District and visit the also worldwide known Bernabeu football stadium for more than 88,000 spectators! It belongs to the Real Madrid team which is the eternal rival of the Atlético of Madrid team.

As any important capital city you will find different styles of urbanization side by side: on the grounds of the old Real Madrid Sports City the Four Towers Business Area (CTBA) was built, this area was formerly known as Madrid Arena.

Visit the 220m high Four Towers buildings , they are the highest in Madrid and two of them the highest in Spain.

In a place like this the train service has to be outstanding. And it really is. The rail line service of Madrid connects this city with many other Spanish and European cities. It is operated by Renfe and is known to be the quickest, cheapest, picturesque and most comfortable way of going from one place to another either in Spain or in Europe.

There are two important train stations in Madrid: Atocha and Chamartin Station. Atocha Station is situated in the South-Centre of Madrid, from here among other services, the high speed TGV connects with Seville in no more than 2.30 hours. Chamartin Station is located in the North of Madrid here you have short, medium and long distance services as well as the TALGO high speed service.

Top train tickets from/to Netherlands

Madrid Train TicketsAmsterdam – Rotterdam. Travel time: 1:20 hours.
Amsterdam – La Haya. Travel time: 40 minutes
Amsterdam – Ultrecht. Travel time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending on departure times.
Amsterdam – Maastricht. Travel time: 3 to 30 hours, depending on departure times.

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